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Tea making process

1.Tea Harvesting

Pure hand-plucked ripe leaves. These leaves must ontain enough
material to provide the best tea flavours.

2.Sunlight Withering

Placed tea leaves outdoors under the sunlight to reduce water
contains of tea leaves. Use hand touch to feel the softness of
withered tea leaves to determine the withering degree at this stage.

3. Indoor Withering

After the outdoor withering, we move those tea leaves indoor with
iterations of stirring to facilitate fermentation, remove the bitter
and green tea flavor.

4.Wave Cyanine

By using the tumbling principle, the edge of tea is damaged to
accelerate fermentation/

5.Static Fermentation

In this stage, tea just sit statically to continue to evaporate its
water contains, also slow oxidized with air contacts.


In this stage, high temperature of stir-fry destroys the enzyme
activity, stops the tea fermenting, retains its unique flavor, and
dries the leaf further to make it soft. Through the stir-fry to
remove the green cyanine flavor, retains the leaf true fragrance,
this is the essential stage in the tea making.

7.Leaf Twist

Use mechanical pressure to create more frictions among leaves
,causing damage to the bud cell tissue, so that the tea shape
gradually formed spherical or hemispheric type.


Put the twisted tea leaves into the dryer to remove water further
lower than 10%, so that it will no further fermented. It will remove odor, stabilize tea quality, and ready for preservation.

9.Finished product

Tea production work is completed, finished product will be
packaged in vacuum and ready for sale.

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