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Introduction of the technology of carbon baking tea

1.Ramming Carbon

Mash large chunks of longan

2.Enter Furnace

Evenly flatten the broken charcoal
shovel into the furnace.


Multiple strokes make the
charcoal dense, the gap is too large, burning the upper layer of
charcoal may fall down, so that the flames of strong fire into the
tea cage caused danger, The temperature is high and low, will
also affect the taste of tea.


Experienced master can
control the fire of the Kungfu and skills, in order to prevent the
hot imbalance caused by extinction.

5.Cover Gray

Cover the burnt charcoal with soot.

6.Entire Gray

The temperature of the baking fire,
with the thickness of the carbon gray to make adjustments. The
thickness and density of carbon ash affect the speed of air
entering the fire, the amount of ash is different from tea, so the

experience and technology of tea maker is the key.

7.Baking tea

Slow-fire baking tea about
every 2 hour Turn tea , the baking time of each kind of tea is
different, the baking tea division must wait in the side,
according to the experience to bake the tea.

8.Clean Charcoal

You need to clean the coals on the way
to adjust the temperature.

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