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​About Cheng-Yi Tea Company

​Business Philosophy

Master Ding-Zhen Wu (吳定圳),Founder of Cheng-Yi Tea

Company, learned his trades and tea baking skills from his father

since 1970. With well-recognized tea baking skills and polished

business skills, Master Wu came to Taipei City in 1988 to set up

his first Cheng-Yi tea shop on Chengde Road of Taipei and open

more shops ever since.


"Assure Quality to ensure our Reputation & Integrity as the

industry leader" is our motto. All Cheng-Yi Alpine Tea are 100%

strictly selected from tea plantations in the mountain area of

Taiwan. These plantations situated in the range of high altitude

cloud-filled mountains, with soil rich in organic matter content

and perfect climate suitable for tea growth. All these right

conditions to make our tea in transparently clear color with

exceptionally sweet after taste.


Cheng-Yi adheres to the "Traditional Charcoal Tea Baking

Technology" production method, through baking of Longan

Charcoal, our tea gain unique aroma and sweet after taste with a

light honey and fruit flavors .During the processes of Logan

Charcoal baking, associated Far-Infrared heat energy produced

can remove the green cyanine and miscellaneous ingredients in the

tea, and reduce the content of caffeine, tannic acid and

theophylline, which is suitable for people with sensitive stomachs.

Cheng-Yi will also provide customized baking services to meet

special needs of customers. These baking services can be divided

into light baking, baking, heavy baking.


Master Wu was born in Tea Region of Jiayi County in South

Taiwan, has more than 30 years of experience in the production of

teas. Over the years Master Wu has also acquired knowledge of

other Chinese Tea, such as Puer, Tieguanyin,…,etc.


You are welcome to visit us to meet Master Wu and taste

wonderful Cheng-Yi Brand Tea.

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